Alex Hua Tian - super-blogger

Alex Hua Tian has just been invited by QQ (also known as Tencent) to provide a regular celebrity blog in Chinese. QQ/Tencent is hardly known outside of China but is currently the 5th largest website in the world capturing a massive 10+% of all ‘webtime’ in China  (which equates to a 3% of all time spent on the web around the world*!!).  It has an active membership of just under 500 million people.

Alex conducted a mid-week afternoon video interview for half and hour to launch his blog which was watched by 173,633 people. “I really enjoy working with QQ,"he said. They are very dynamic and full of new ideas. I just wish my father has remembered to tell me we were going out live!”

The invitation from QQ was sent via his father earlier in the year, but Alex has been so busy competing in England that he has only just been able to link up with them this month. QQ’s blog management said: “ People all over China are terribly proud of Alex Hua Tian.  We are thrilled that he has agreed to put his Chinese blog on QQ.  We hope that through QQ, Alex will be able to bring the spirit and passion of equestrian sport to our 400 million plus active users, and we hope that our friends all over the world will enjoy sharing Alex’s thrilling experiences. Alex is an outstanding young man, and we look forward to Alex becoming an inspiration to a new generation of Chinese youth’.

Alex is an experienced blogger. His blog on the famous Horse and Hound website, the must-read publication for anyone in the horse industry, has been very well received in the UK.  Alex said: “Many of my followers in China contacted me to say that they loved my blog in Horse and Hound, but were struggling not just with the English but also the fact that it is very ‘horse specific’. I think it was the mention of a ‘pony club kick’ that caused the most confusion!  I will be starting my blog with Horse and Hound again next year but will also be writing a version for QQ more suited to Chinese readers.
*Reference:  Comscore press release 6th November 2009